6 Best Practices To Build a Converting Landing Page in 2022

Unlike your website, landing pages are specific goal-oriented & content tailored pages designed to convert your visitors. The objective of a landing page is to maximize conversion of visitors towards your defined goals, often these are to convert them into identified leads, marketing qualified prospects, clients and even ambassadors. This means that landing pages should not be filled with information that may dissuade or confuse a prospect from taking the desired conversion action and every piece of text of content is optimized to guide your visitor to take this action. Landing pages for any product or service should be direct and only contains relevant information with your customer and your and the visitors end-goal in mind.

Whether this is your first time building a landing page or if you want to improve your existing landing pages, here are 6 best practices that will greatly improve your landing page conversion rate.

1. Create a captivating header.

The header is the first thing your visitors notice when they come to your landing page. Therefore, you need to make that this header banner or a strong headline will immediately catch their attention and make them want to stay and explore your page. Don’t forget that often landing pages are linked to paid campaigns, meaning now that you’ve paid for this visitor to come to your page, you want to make them stay as long as you can on your page and convert them. This way you maximize your investment and decrease bounce rates. Nowadays people often have a ‘browsing’ mentality, meaning they will easily switch & click between pages and search results and go back to the previous page if they don’t see something captivating in the first few seconds. Both the message as well as the visual aspect are crucial here. You can captivate your visitors by expressing the value of what you offer, referring to eye-opening content later on the page, and your message in the headline effectively.

2. Avoid lengthy paragraphs

You would want your landing page to be impressive, clear, and gets straight to your visitors’ minds; therefore, lengthy paragraphs are an absolute ‘no’. Additionally, lengthy paragraphs affect how visitors perceive your value and services. How? Usually, they expect to see an answer to their questions or a solution for their problems quickly when visiting a landing page, not searching through a wall of text. Presenting your information in lengthy paragraphs may leave an impression of being inefficient and unprofessional. Play with colors, images, videos and formatting to provide the answers you believe your visitors are looking for.

3. Remove navigation.

Your landing page is crucial in deciding whether a visitor becomes a lead, you want them to submit a contact form or take other desired actions; hence you want to eliminate all the factors that may make them leave the page or be of any distraction. Your page should be rich in call-to-action content and triggers and these interactions should be the only ones on your page. Removing all extra the site navigations will let your visitor pay complete focus on the content at hand, rather than being distracted by other links on the website. Alternatively you can keep a visually similar header or footer but remove any clickable links on logo’s and other actions that might redirect visitors away from your landing page, while keeping the overall website look & feel.

4. Include social sharing icons.

Though you should remove all distracting navigations, it doesn’t include the social media icons. Rather, you should place them on your landing page so that visitors can share your content with their network on different social platforms. This way, you may reach a wider audience and attract more potential prospects. Choose the right social platforms that match with the identity & T.O.V. of your business, campaigns & the message of landing page.

5. Provide relevant testimonials.

For both products or services, nowadays customers want to read the reviews before making a purchase or partnering with any service provider. This creates an important feeling of trust. Very often, visitors will not even fact-check these testimonials or reach out to references but it does give them a feeling of interest and trust that will be essential to bring forward the desired conversion. However, don’t overuse testimonials and only provide relevant ones that directly match with the services of goods you are promoting. By doing this, you can increase the credibility of your business and the likeliness of visitors to convert.

6. Pro tip: keep the visitor goals in mind and use tailored content

Know why the visitor clicked on your page and what content they could be looking for. You can view your Google Search or Ads queries to learn more about their behavior and set up segmented tailored dynamic content using certain technologies to ensure that depending on the visitor’s intention, other messages and pictures are shown. By implementing neuromarketing principles and taking into account the visitor’s motivation for going to your page, you can ensure maximum conversion. And if you notice there is a disconnect between your page and the visitor’s motivation, don’t forget to configure your negative keywords to optimize your budgets and reduce your bounce rates.

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