Salesrise Release Notes

Salesrise v.1.1.2

Released 12th of September 2021 Updates & Enhancements

  • Feature/add rte for grapesjs TPROD-215 
  • Refactor and small optimization for dynamic content html (part 2/2)
  • Match CSV imported contacts by ID 
  • Support configuration of RabbitMQ idle timeout 
  • Dashboard widget – best email read hours 
  • GrapesJs as default builder 
  • UI warnings when unpublish associated segment 
  • Add 404 option in configuration 
  • Added timezone and preferred_locale to JS tracking event
  • Skip field import If value exists 
  • Import events 
  • Updating composer/installers 
  • Updating composer.json to remove grapesjs repository and to add dev dependencies 
  • Let Composer use local package versions using self.version and replace 
  • Changes to to improve readability. 
  • Bring builder buttons in a logical order, make save & close button green too 
  • Rename apply button to save 
  • Allow themes to be used with multiple builders 
  • Segment API: category info and search by category alias 
  • Refactor deprecated setMethod in unit tests 
  • Tests memory optimization non nullable types 
  • New MJML truly personal email template 
  • TPROD-182 Dynamic database platform detection 
  • Clarify labels and tooltip in form creation for “Render style” 
  • Add support for unique fields for companies 
  • Merge contacts by unique fields with custom operator 
  • Feature: Tag Manager MR-51 
  • Always track utm tags from page url 
  • Allow html to textarea custom field 
  • Add stage name and stage date added to contacts report 

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