AI Driven Customer Data Platform

Unlock the Smart Customer Data Platform

Designed to unify and streamline your data to drive stronger ROI through smart insights so you can create unlimited incredible experiences for your audience using the Customer Data Platform.

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Key Features

We designed a smarter way for you to store and access your data so you can get immediate insights
and build stronger foundations for your campaigns.

  • Web Visitor Identification

Track what your web visitors are doing on your website and create triggered messages to increase lead conversion.

  • 360° Customer View

Our advanced analytics gives you a complete overview of your audiences.

  • AI Personalization

We use smart technologies and algorithms to improve your audience experience.

  • Omnichannel Workflows

Build interactive and adaptable workflows across multiple channels.

  • Social Proof & Live Chat

Communicate better with your audiences and create AI supported chatflows.

  • Deep Segmentation

Segment your database and organize your communication across entire customer lifecycle.

We go beyond sending emails

We are committed to your success’s technology enables higher ROI

We offer a complete solution that understands your needs. Our solution is capable of:

  • Behavioral Profiling
    Track contact behavior & their transactional activities to better understand them and respond immediately.
  • Omnichannel Communication
    We ensure your messages appear where your audience are.
  • Personalization
    Create unique experiences based on audience activities and start getting results.
  • AI & Machine Learning
    Predict & suggest actions with our continuous data analysis.
  • Customer Value Management
    Increase customer lifetime value by automating actions designed based on the different stages in the customer lifecycle.
  • Flexible Integrations
    Connect your platforms and systems easily and start gathering data.

Endless Integrations

Be boundless with, our software developers and data scientists made sure that
our solutions are designed for maximum flexibility. drupal integration woocommerce integration wordpress integration sugarcrm integration zapier integrations

Revenue Enablement
that delivers

Salesrise CDP Solution ticks all the boxes. Our flexible Customer Data Platform gives enterprises the freedom to streamline data across multiple channel to get a complete 360° Customer View for more successful campaigns that goes beyond emails.

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